Monday, June 7, 2010

cool summer night

How hot it was, remember?

That night we couldn't sleep.

I opened the window

And the sound of leaves

Rustled by wind

Came rushing through.

So cool it felt,

So glorious!

I got you both from

Your tiny beds,

And, you being the oldest,

I laid you down first,

and, then,you, being the youngest,

I kept in the middle,

I, at the end,

so you wouldn't slip away.

crossways, we were

on the bed,

the cooling breeze washing over us,

Again, and again, as the curtain blew in,

And the breeze lulled you to sleep.

I watched the stars,

I watched you, and I watched you,

so happy to see you breathe.

such contentment,

Such absolute peace!

A precious time, I hold

Forever, a memory, so sweet, so pure,

To relive that night

with you, and you, safe and sound,

close, so very, very close,

This is must be heaven, I think.


Dornbrau said...

Melancholy... lovely.

just me said...

yes, it is melancholy, but it is and always will be a most precious memory for me.