Monday, August 25, 2008

I think of you

I think of you

Always, everyday.

So silly it seems,

But there are times

I catch a glimpse,

A fleeting knowledge

Of your presence.

I turn my head

Quickly, obsessively,

But you are gone.

If you were ever there.

Light grey eyes,

So full of life,

Of humor, wisdom, secrets,

Sparkle through my dreams.

Yet, always, I awaken

Disappointed, alone,

With grief, and sadness, and

A feeling of something taken.

Something wrenched from

My very soul.

Yes, I think of you


My precious boy.

1 comment:

Spadoman said...

Yes, we think of those we lost, constantly, sometimes with tears, but also with laughter and plenty of love. They teach us the true meaning of love. Makes me want to try harder to remember to show love to those around me as much.

Thanks. And Peace in your heart my friend.