Saturday, March 17, 2007

I hate spiders and they hate me

They live inside my room you see

And when I scrunch down in my bed

I listen close with hopeless dread, as

My light goes out, and I hear them creep.

The scritching and scratching of hairy feet,

And up I jump, the light comes on,

But they've hidden well, I see not one.

I know they're there, just out of sight.

They fill me with dread and sleepless fright.

So now I sit with broom in hand,

And prepare to make my final stand.

I wait and watch, my vigil begins,

Knowing in dark they creep again.

I do this nightly because, you see,

I hate spiders, and they hate me.


anniemareerose said...

this is clever. =]

skinnylittleblonde said...

Ha! Very Clever indeed!
This would actually make a wonderful childrens book!
One sentence per page w/ equally clever artwork & she'd be worthy of publishing!
So, I Believe!

just me said...

thanks, i have thought of that myself, if I could find a good illustrator...I can't draw a straight line.