Saturday, March 3, 2007

For My Father, At Ninty-One

I hear you snore, and know you sleep,

And, once again, my vigil keep.

I hear your dog prepare his bed.

He keeps his watch. He doesn’t rest.

I fall asleep and in the night,

The dog comes, with footsteps light,

We quietly creep, to your room to see

If, indeed, you only sleep.

Leaning over your silent chest,

I finally hear the faintest breath.

I hear you breath, and watch you sleep,

And once again I am relieved.

Hush, now, boy, I tell ole Joe,

He is all right. You heard him moan.

That's all it was. But still he keeps

His silent watch as my father sleeps.

I curl up in the easy chair,

And feel the chill that's in the air.

I light a fire, and sit alone, as

Coldness hurts an old man's bones

My father sleeps. I can relax,

But ever ready for my task.

To keep him safe, to meet his needs,

And keep him warm in restless sleep.

I hear you breath. I know you sleep,

And once again I am relieved.

I light the fire and sit alone,

Coldness hurts an old man's bones.

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