Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thanksgiving ditty

The turkey bird is on the table
The feast about to begin
Jesus lord, I'm so glad it's done
Cooking should be a sin.

The potato's mashed, the gravy mixed
The celery and carrot sticks
The cranberry sauce and stuffing too
This time the tatties don't taste like glue.

The yams are sweet, with marshmallow fluff
The rolls, the salad, and a bunch more stuff
I hope they like this celebration
Me, I'm looking for rest and salvation.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving Day
But don't work yourself into a frazzle
It will all be over within the hour
The yearly meal prepared to dazzle

Even great Aunt Myrtle that hates everything....


Queenie said...

Didn't know about this blog, how clever are you???

just me said...

Not very...this is my little secret...don't tell....

Catmoves said...

just me is very, very clever.
(Love your kitty chair.)
Just a question, though:
"Even great Aunt Myrtle that hates everything....
Are you going to serve her up?

alphonsedamoose said...

And you thought nobody read your poems. This one is very creative for Thanksgiving.Ours was last month.

just me said...

When you walk in my door, Cat, you become family. Even Aunt Myrtle gets the royal treatment.

Thanks, Moose.

Casdok said...